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Tea is for DRINKING, not collecting!

Tea is always best when it's fresh and steeped correctly using the right temperature of fresh water and the proper steeping time. But there are so many amazing types of tea and blends of tea, sometimes we can wind up buying more than we can drink. While straight teas will generally stay fresher longer, it [...]

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GUAYUSA...Yerba Mate's close cousin

Guayusa has traditionally been used for its stimulating effects and for sharpening the mind. Slightly sweet and earthy in character, this close cousin to yerba mate produces a smooth, clean flavour and steeps a beautiful rich dark green hue. A perfect substitute for coffee drinkers.Guayusa is an interesting small tree which grows in [...]

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Serenitea Now

A delightful new blend of delicate white tea and silver tip jasmine needles with local peaches and the flavour of passionfruit.  A perfect afternoon or evening tea.  Serenitea now, insanity later!

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Loose Leaf VS Tea Bags

There are many benefits to drinking loose leaf tea compared to tea bags. Loose leaf is better for the environment with less packaging. The buyer will generally get more tea per dollar in loose leaf form providing more cups of tea. And the main advantage is being able to see the tea [...]

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A bit about ROOIBOS

Rooibos is grown in South Africa. It is rich in antioxidants and is a caffeine free alternative to traditional teas. It has a distinctive colour, taste, and aroma and blends well with many flavours.The process of oxidizing or fermenting produces the distinctive reddish-brown color of rooibos and enhances the flavor. Unoxidized green [...]

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Up in Smoke Chai

Our new favourite go to chai! We've taken earthy pu'erh and smoky lapsang souchoung, added some delicious chai spices, and come up with a one of a kind chai.  This is definitely one you'll want to check out!

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Why the name, Flying Leaf Tea??

Tea was discovered quite by accident. One day Chinese Emperor Shen Nong was boiling water when a leaf from an overhanging tree flew into his pot. The Emperor felt invigorated and refreshed as he drank the infused water with its unusual but delicious flavour. That was obviously one special leaf and because [...]

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Check out our WINTER BLENDS before they're gone!

Our best selling Candy Cane Swirl is back this year but just for a limited time!  We also have our caffeine free Mulled Apple Cider and Steeped Gingy Rooibos again this year plus a few new creations such as Naughty and Spice.  Our chai blends are popular this time of year with warm spices and [...]

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Fall Flavours

Check out some of our fall inspired blends in World Tea News! Fall Tea Flavours

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NEW - Tea Flavoured Lip Balms!

We now have all natural tea flavoured lip balms to pair up with some of our popular seasonal blends!  With all natural ingredients plus our wonderfully scented teas, you can apply these lip balms as often as you wish!

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